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released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Ny Brazil

Skymning: All Instruments, Vocals

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Track Name: Kiron
The land of the children of the stars
perpetual search for where belongs to
Against the walls of their own nature
Rewriting Your Destiny

Immersion in the depths
The brilliant abyss
A trip without a return
To the land of the wise

Entering in the most beautiful dreams
Approaching the most vivid landscapes
The resonance of the lights to the top
It makes the fear of man cease.

The incomplete path to be built
Bloody the destroyed soul of those who build it
It's a small price to escape lethargy
From being one more life that becomes dead without shine
Track Name: Summer Night
I know why I flew away
So that the light of the stars comfort me
Always lasts for a brief moment
That you will live in my memory
Or I was being selfish
For then come back frustrated.

Today I walk alone.
With the serene night
And a vaporous breath
For so long I can not even remember what it's like
It's a summer night.
I'm a winter dawn.

After getting up so many times
For trying to reach like stars
I realized that the closer I got to
Did not want that I really wanted
It lights me up again
I'll wait for the time

I promised to go through the luster
I'll be more knowing
So I can
Being on the beautiful summer night
Wrapped in its lights.
Track Name: Decay
Sometimes silence is cold as snow.
Blizzard falling incessantly inside me
Ringing of the auroras resounding
Still building the way out of this icy prison

Silence is broken
At pain song winds
Telling another story
This more dramatic and bitter

Snow falls on the ground
Tells a story of anguish
We are brothers
The cold and we, the silence and we

The paths of conscience
Always going to be our prison.
Sometimes cold
And ruthless ...